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NEW GTM Forum! [29 Mar 2006|12:59pm]

[ mood | excited ]

This forum is OLD NEWS! Go check out the SWEET new and improved forum at http://s10.invisionfree.com/GreatTarusMagicite/index.php!

Go look NOW! You will need to register before you can have complete access to post and reply, just click on Register!

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Missions [07 Mar 2006|03:20pm]

Well i need to do...

Windurst missions 5-2 and up

CoP 2-5 and up. (I really want to get 3-5 done to get Diabolos)

All of ZM ( I need to kill shadow lord before i begin to do these)

This is pretty much it. I will still try to find a pt here and there to get a mission or 2 accoplished but let me know when you guys are going to schedule something and I'll see if I can do it

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February Pic of the Month [26 Jan 2006|10:13am]

And the winner is....




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If you are having trouble voting, please see this link for step-by-step instructions.

Note: this poll is no longer available
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Crafting Information [04 Jan 2006|02:37am]

Hey I just wanted to know if someone has the answer to my problem/concern/question.

I want to know if its possible to switch the craft lvls around... Once you get 1 craft to 100 you can only lvl up the rest to 60...is there a way to move the extra 40 lvls around to each craft?? Ive heard some rumors that for every lvl you go past 60...you will dlvl 1 from your 100... 99-61...90-70..etc. I've also heard that there is a way to reset your craft skill to 60 automatically and you can go about lvling your other craft...

Please let me know if anyone has any information about this or a site/forum where i can read more about this..

Thank you everyone :)
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ooops [11 Dec 2005|11:19am]
[ mood | sad ]

sorry I missed the party mom made me log out =( maybey I'll make it to the next 1 tc ttyl ls

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And the Winner Is.... [18 Nov 2005|02:02pm]

[ mood | chipper ]



~*Submitted by Naro*~

"The great beautiful voice of Naro gathers spectators around the forest"

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Note: This poll is no longer available
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Hurricane Wilma [02 Nov 2005|10:18am]

Hello everyone... hows it going? I just got power back...and my internet seems to be working fine. I can finally play again. Well I'll talk to you guys later in game.
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RSE for Taru Taru Male [26 Oct 2005|02:25pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

OK Tishi, here are 5 times that Tarutaru males can get their RSE...and btw these times are in military time and EST

RSE Calendar........Race: Tarutaru Male

Oct 27, 22:31:12.......Oct 28, 06:12:00........Shakrami Maze
Oct 30, 10:57:36.......Oct 30, 18:38:24........Gusgen Mines
Nov 02, 00:24:00.......Nov 02, 08:04:48........Ordelle Caves
Nov 04, 13:50:24.......Nov 04, 21:31:12........Shakrami Maze
Nov 07, 03:16:48.......Nov 07, 10:57:36........Gusgen Mines

Choose one and we can get you the key at any time then go to the location during the RSE time to open the chest...and it is possible to get more than one piece each night. You just have to open the treasure get your material and you trade it to the gob in Jeuno then hunt for a key and treasure again and trade the material before the times run out. Let the ls know when you are ready and we will help you.

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Assault Jerkin [20 Oct 2005|04:55pm]

I need some help getting my Assault Jerkin so lets all get together and kill Ose and get his drop. Also Tak i got Fraps so we can record the Video of us killin Sea Horror and other NMs also.
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Congratulations, Tishi! [18 Oct 2005|05:57pm]

[ mood | guilty ]

And the winner for picture of the month for November is....... *drumroll please*..........


"New Blackmage Spell! Energy Shield!"

Congrats, Tishi!

Your picture will be posted on the main Great Taru's Magicite's webpage at:

Great Taru's Magicite Homepage

Click the banner to go to the website


**If you are having problems voting, follow these directions**

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Go to the Log in Page.

Scroll down a little bit and in the blue box in the middle of the page, you will see a place to input your user name and password. Do so now. DO NOT click "Log in" yet!

After you input your username and password, you will see an option that says "Expiration"--the option "When browser closes" will automatically be chosen. Click the radio button beside the option "Never." This will make it so you will never have to log in to LiveJournal again (unless you delete your temp files and/or cookies--then you will need to repeat this process)

You should see this:

Click "Log in."

After you log in, at the top right hand corner you should see "Welcome, (Your LJ Username)" and your user icon (if you have one).

Hover over "Journal," then choose "Info". You should see your profile at this screen. Scroll down until you see "Member of:" along the left-hand side. Here you should see "gtm_linkshell" listed--click on it. At this point, you should come to the GTM Forum's Information page. From here, click on the link where it says "User: gtm_linkshell." This will take you to the main forum page. You should be logged in at this point, so you will be able to participate in the poll.

Now that you are always logged in, you can just follow the GTM Forum link from the main Great Taru's Magicite's homepage without having to log in every time.

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Note: This poll is no longer available.
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Carby Mitts [12 Oct 2005|11:52pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello everyone... Ive been playing SMN for a couple of lvls now and I realized something.... I can really use a pair of Carby Mitts right about now. I dont know where to get them..who to fight... what lvl I need to be... So I would like to know If anyone can help me out. My Highest Job is 41 WHM... So If we can set up a date to get them (not only for me..but for whoever wants to join me as well) that would be great :) (Wink Wink = Tak and Ned)

I'm pretty much available 1pm-6pm EST Mon-Fri and then around 11pm-1am

Then the weekends I'm not completely sure..but It would be mostlikely at night like at 11pm-3am EST

Thankyou Everyone :)

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Bard Magic/Weapon skills [06 Oct 2005|02:56pm]

I've been looking at Bard magic/weapon skills and I want to know some information.

1. What skill is better Singing, Wind or string? whats the difference between them.

2. What weapon skill should I use for BRD? dagger/sword/club/staff? If I'm not mistaken I think AF BRD WEP is dagger but I'm not 100% sure.

If anyone can help me out I'll appreciate it. Thanks guys :)
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Awesome Picture again [21 Sep 2005|08:38pm]

wow that picture i made was just beautiful omg amazing lol
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Picture of the Month Winner! [16 Sep 2005|10:40am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Congratulations, Naro!


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Awesome Pictures [11 Sep 2005|11:18pm]

Those picture i sent in were so awesome look it's so beautiful.
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Katrina F$@#ed me up [02 Sep 2005|09:03am]

Sorry guys I havent been on lately... Katrina messed up my ISP and Its been acting wierd ever since...they say that It should be back up by september 5. But thats not a promise. Well yea just wanted to let you guys know... Well hows that new event about the bull? Is it any good?
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doh>. [25 Aug 2005|10:10am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

/sigh....My computer's Video card got fried =/ So i wont be on for awhile >.< how's the new event? Anyone played it yet?

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Winner for Picture of the Month! [16 Aug 2005|05:27pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Nedjobean is the winner!

I left my whips in the mog so I had to go with the next best thing...my Mandibular Sickle.

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10 Pokes|Poke a Taru!

[16 Aug 2005|11:24am]
hi Guys.... Got In... So many steps to do..
Poke a Taru!

Going on Vacation [11 Aug 2005|02:49am]

[ mood | excited ]

I wont be here for 2 1/2 weeks starting tomorrow Thurs. so bye ppl

Poke a Taru!

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